Go catch that wave, babes!

Female empowerment in the water

Through surf art, I want to encourage women to believe in themselves, find + express creativity, and chase their goals – in the water, on the land, and anywhere in between.

I want to encourage female empowerment in the water, desexualise surfing, and show we are all equal in the water – male, female, or anything in between.

Be part of the movement for your sake and the sake of your ocean sisters.

Custom surf boards
Custom fins
Murals/wall drawings
Custom drawings
Post cards

Ninarosa + Aqua

A mermaid, slightly OCD-person, animal lover, wine enthusiast, detailed storyteller, vegan, and creative.

A passionate ocean lover and fan of Procreate, Bali, Paulo Coelho, surf skating, smelling fresh flowers, catching sunrises (at the beach), and my cat Valentino.

Beauty and brains behind Ninarosaqua, with ambitious ambitions and creative creativity.

What I stand for

Motivational and encouraging
visuals and lines.

High-quality products
instead of just overconsumption.

Don’t take life too seriously,
you won’t make it out alive.

Embodied creativity in
different shapes and forms.

Daring (you) to be different and
to be your authentic yourself.