I love to help companies I believe in grow through collaborations. I collab with brands that aligns with my values, e.g. sustainability, veganism, female empowerment, creativity, or surfing. It does not matter whether you sell a product or provide a service.

Here’s a list of companies and brands I collab with and what’s in it for you. Interested in collaborating with me? Let’s talk!



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All my babes (you too!) receive a 10% discount on my favourite bikini brand Ufulu Swim. I loved this brand from the start – not in the last place because of the amazing brand owner Tess, my roomie in Bali. ?

Use the code NINAROSA10 to receive a 10% discount on your order (minimum order value = US$50 ??

Why I love it so much:
? sustainable materials
? body positivity + female empowerment as mission
? unique patterns – or reversible if you want to go for a more clean look
? stays on during surf. Tried and tested!
? small business run by an inspiring and bad ass entrepreneur

Iron Roots Atlethics

I never would have thought I would be an ambassador for a sports company, but here I am: a proud ambassador for a Dutch sustainable, vegan, and plastic-free sports clothes brand. I love the innovative mindset of the brand, their love for the nature (manifesting in the earty colours, among others), and insane comfiness.

Use code NINAROSA10 at your check out to receive 10% discount!

Muru Bikini

Surf proof, sustainable, and with a beautiful comfy material. What else can I wish for in a bikini?!

I reached out to the Finnish bikini brand Muru Bikini when I was looking for Europe-based bikini brands for surf babes. As you can’t really surf in bikini in Europe, this journey wasn’t easy. But I managed to find this brand, owned by a passionate woman who actually does all the stitching etc. herself!

We don’t do discounts buttttt if you enter the code NINAROSA upon checkout, we will plant a tree for every purchase done this way!


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Laguna Treasures

Everything I love in one brand: sustainability + passion + ocean + kiting + simplicity. I’m beyond excited to announce my collab with Laguna Treasures! So go shop yours and support small business owners, the planet, and the kite community! ??‍♀️

After briefly discussing the collab, Leonie asked me to be a model for a photoshoot for the new collection. ? I invited kite buddy and stunning babe Leila and together we had so much fun doing the kite shoot – with barely any wind but at least a bit of sun, surprising for halfway November. 

Daphne Rose

I think spirituality is quite related to surfing, imposter syndrome/self confidence, and happiness. One brand that has massively helped me on my journey towards more self esteem and gratitude is Daphne Rose. She makes candles, oil blends, and other beautiful self care products that help you to live a conscious and happy life.

Use code NINAROSA10 to receive 10% discount on all the products, except the ones on sale. And a lovely collab is currently in progress, so keep an eye out on the socials/this page! ? 


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The Kook Co

I knew this collab was meant to be when I stumbled upon the company via Insta and sent out a message the same arvo – scheduling a meeting for just a few days later in Blouberg, South Africa. ? We’re talking about The Kook Co, a South African company that wants to change the world of surf board waxing. ??‍♀️

They use cork pads instead, making waxing your board unnecessary. Because it takes foreverrrrr to do it properly, but most importantly, wax is super bad for the environment. ? We are currently shaping a collab where we focus on female empowerment, sustainability, and doing good for the planet. 


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I absolutely love Agood Company from the very start. It’s a sustainable brand from Sweden that offers phone cases and note books, among others. You can personalise the item with a logo or name (like I did with my company logo), the shipping is CO2 neutral, and you automatically support a good cause with your purchase.

Keep an eye open for this page as we are working on a very exciting drawing collab for 2023! Until then, use the code ALEX20 to get 2o% off your order.