Post card set ‘Scheveningen’

A tribute to the village (well, district, but feels like a village!) that stole my heart. A place where outdoor life and dynamic indoor life effortlessly melt together, where one is invited to and celebrated for being authentic, and work-life balance is just so much healthier. I’m talking about Scheveningen, my current hometown.

Sending a post card in this digital-first world is something special. The effort one puts in to write something by hand instead of typing it and then shipping it means a lot to the one who receives the card. Give a special someone a special moment by sending a Ninarosaqua post card.

?️ Set of 5 cards on A6 size
? Simple yet cute back with writing and address options
? Sustainable paper (certified)
? Printed with waterbased ink
✉️ With or without envelopes

Orders will be shipped from Nov 1st

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